Thursday, July 8, 2010

tips to be top

hello people!
when sazali counting the day before ups...1o days left for strungle on that! huh.... i hoping that 1o days become 10 teacher jassemah said: i love examination! yes im! i pown loveeee examination! but the way i face it is ..........! oh no....

erm haruslah student akan tension gler ble exam juz around the sharp corner...and we have to be:
*mintak sje ape2 dekat Allah, sure2 Dia kasi! mama yg selalu cakap
*dont think negative bout urself. im trying dear!
*cool! the word is easy to say!
*cabar diri sendiri bru best hidup
*jadi budak baik
*banyakkan senyum
*study sampai tahu ape jawapan utk paper nanti! u get me?

say...I LOVE EXAMINATION! do u love me?

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