Sunday, August 22, 2010

hoping she answer someone

early in the morning,she wake up and staring at the window in front of her bed! she whispered to herself that todays going to be her world and she start her wonderful day with sweet smile!then she take a white towel hanging at the cupboard and walk to the bath room! along the corridor she think what shes going to do? yeah attending the lecture of cos cannot miss it out! then she think again what shes going to wear? baju kurung but which one? the green one,black two,or purple three... hahaha.... she wear the green one! after subuh, she switch on her table lamp and sit tidely.look oytside the window and take a deep breath! recite doa first then she start to study! 7.15 am already and she ready to go to lecture hall. and everything start!!

when she walk along the walk way, someone was watching her! that someone saying in his heart "u are goin to be mine today!"

she meet her friends and greet them with big smile! lecturer come in and start their lesson without think bout other late student! and that someone was one of them! but its still normal things to be late attend the class and people have their own time to manage!

someone was sitting at the back of she!

at the end of the day, she walk alone going back room. and someone come close to her and stand infront of her now.

would u be my future girlfriend?

she said: what kind of question?

some one said: im waiting for ur answer!

she said: i dont know who u are?

someone said: im begging u to answer my question!

she said: im sorry!

someone said: im waiting for ur future answer!

she start walking leave someone at the back!

someone just watch her with hope that she would turn back and give the answer!


still hoping she would answer someone!

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