Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thra buka spa utk DATIN!

hello people!
yeah the title just to make my dream come true !
yeah mish your music box so adorable! why must peng gave it to you huh?? =] kidding and he should give it to you as you guys ermmm
*people should laugh NOW!*

yeah i tak upload lgi gmbar karamel mama tu so i dont want to talk much bout it!

yeah since we OVER with matrics i dont know what you guys doing out there..i just imagine how pretty when we laugh together! yeah merapu!!i tak de masa nak imagine2 nih

i still doesnt have any work to do,havent punggah all my things from college, no no no i dont want!let them stay still there! i dont want to stalk HANA TAJIMA anymore coz it will make me crazy yoww... i dont want to shopping coz i dont have money! hahaha *thumbs up*
i dont want i dont want! i just want to get some relaxing time! with pretty gurl who give massage to my body,pretty gurl who give facial treatment to my arghh face =] ! yeah i got lots of pimples sini sana! WHY.. exam is overrrrr....... arghh =p
and yeah i want to play guitar!! i want i want!!

= o


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