Friday, October 28, 2011

i just missing something here


when we got our diff path doesnt mean we are not going to be together anymore.

when we got to walk with diff way doesnt mean we are not friendly like before

when we got diff mark doesnt mean we cannot strugle together to get SELEMPANG!

when we got nothing to share doesnt mean we are not having good life together

when we are not much talking to each other doesnt mean we are fighted

when we got no chances to laugh together doesnt mean we are tension seeing each other

when we think we are too far each other actually we miss to be together

not because Farhan,Farid,Sazali,Sha are not around


we still take care of each other in silence..

thank you my girl! i know u and i will having a very good day everyday even we are not like before because we still need each other in everything we do and i miss u!


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