Wednesday, June 30, 2010

enjoy the moment

kan i dah cakap student kmpp ade larian kakom! u tak percaya then u scroll gambar yg ade nih!totally memang happening la kiteorg punyer performance! i love it!klu i nak cerita pasal preparation dia yang kne cter depan u all so that u can see my body language too! yeah sgt best! we enjoy the moment and klu ta enjoy rugi gler2 la!

this pict show our zorros of f1p2! bukan zombies or zeros of P(x) tu ok!!! diorg memang gempak gler! diorang punyer style menari and the movement perfect bile combine with cheerleaders! cheerleaders pown kne puji jgk! =]

this is me,shafiqah and farhan! i little bit shy! kuang3....comel gler seyh pkai that bulu2 and rama2 kat atas kepala tuh! just like my mgp! kan i pkai rama2 jugak but not the same rama2 ok! oh rindunyer that nite!

lastly this our full combination between cheerleaders and the zorros! wah for me kiteorg nampak comel gler and everything is fine!what we waiting now is the result of the competion! and lastly when we work together we feel the same things that is happy and puas!

p/s: my english is broken into pieces so dont bother bout it as long as u can read me!

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