Saturday, June 26, 2010

they make me happy =]

hahaha semalam 25 june 2010!thats my birthday!!
wow....i wake up and smile.i wear baju kurung pesak hijau yang mama beli.
i came early than before to lecture. last nite i cried! and f1p2 having class tutor agama,math and BI.
erm...i wait for their wish but nope! petang lepas solat jumaat f1p2 ade mentor mentee and we preparing our props for larian kakom!
and its still no wish for me!
ok i ta kisah! then malam kiteorg ade rehersal and we are going to meet at 8pm dekat alfarabi im little bit late but theres no f1p2.yang ade pown Afateen je....then i call Farhan!
please buy me a milo! then i nampak kumpulan f1p2 jalan! i caount until 5,fasterrr....... then dorang lari serbu i baling tepung! what!!!
Surprised!!!! =]

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you !
happy birthday to trex!
happy birthday to you!

huuuuu......nah kek! hahaha they buy me a cake! im so terharu! misha kasi ferrorocher!wrong spelling shafiqah kasi bueno! i like it! farid kasi choki2 and paan kasi lolipop! the last f1p2 make me happy! then adalah sesi baling2 tepung! best gler la...habis bersepah farabi tu!

but then we start training! then potong kek! misha tempek krim kek time i tgh menikmati that kek! so sengal!
u can imagine my face on that time!

thank you guys! you guys awesome! thanks coz prank me and i love it much!

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