Saturday, August 6, 2011


my fav quote of all times

"Love never make me feel sick, it make me stronger as each day pass by..."
-Mizz Marina- a.k.a my sista...

"Cara yang terbaik bukan dengan melupakan....tapi
dengan redha dan ikhlas menerima semua yang terjadi..."
-Mizz Lily- ma fwen

"Time is always a healer"
-Phrymekid Rap- ma fwen

"No guts, No glory"
-Capten Karty- ma fwen

"how love can't be conquered, it'll come for you,
it'll take over you, it will never let you go..."

"tO be in loVe, ones neEd to gEt reAdy tO be huRt"
-wiZ h3Lm@-

have fun guys....bulan posa ni..cuaca mmg terbaik...lg2 kalau kt tmpat ak ni....
see yaa....

style x?? cun kn..mcm overseas jeee...

_ImL3h holla_

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